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Luis Contesini's 33g Reef Tank


Precise How To Guide on Aquarium Lights

Not one other fixture comes close when you need durability, performance, and optimum lighting requirements for your fish tanks. Introducing the way in new technology these fixtures offer very best in class sturdiness, visibility, as well as ease of use. The fixtures come in a myriad of shapes and sizes not even limited to smaller sized and focused choices, numerous T-level halide and halogen kinds, and LED micro lighting. All the options you can find alllow for a very flexible and more importantly enjoyable user driven design option for your marine needs. No matter the tank dimensions, tiny and shallow, or even large as well as deep, there’s the right small bulb or halide emitting light for your needs.

Power compact lighting is optimal for fish tanks less than Fifty five gallons. Many of your favorite coral and aquatic life is sure to thrive under the bountiful light generated through the power compact model. So sturdy are these fittings that you can leave them for up to 3 years or more. None of my fixtures has ever been zapped or broken unless it was a problem of the ballast or my own mistake. There’s always more to learn – and you can visit various internet properties to get these details or visit your nearby marine depots.

On the other hand, if your aquarium is higher and much much deeper (ie. over 55 gallons) you might think about selecting metal halide lights. This will provide the necessary penetrating power to observe down to the bottom of your tank and allow you to upkeep smaller polyps such as montipora and birdsnest. If you want to raise some exotic variety of flora or clamlife that prefer to stay on the bottom of large tanks these lights are ideal. Not to mention you could make use of this strategy for popular clam types such as squamosa and crocea. 250 watt lights are generally best for larger tanks in my opinion. They come filled with sturdier ballasts.

Have a look at Coralife Aqualight for additional information.  I love their articles!